Connect Collaborate and Enhance


Connect Collaborate and Enhance

Overview of Tosi-Connect

Tosi-Connect is a unique software/hardware platform that facilitates multi-user interaction between touchscreens, whiteboards and mobile devices, across the room or anywhere in the world.

Tosi-Connect helps people collaborate and engage by enhancing sharing and discussion of digital content. Out-of-the-box applications are included for meeting/situation room collaboration and sales environments, which can be tailored to individual client needs.

Key Features

The key features of the Tosi-connect software include:

  • Pervasive: use with a wide range of touch/stylus hardware and operating systems
  • Repurpose: save money and rejuvenate existing hardware (e.g. run Tosi-connect on existing interactive whiteboards)
  • Seamlessly flick documents from one surface to another, in the same room or across multiple locations
  • Intuitive touch and gesture interface – immediate and flexible access to content
  • Bundled apps available for business, education and entertainment
  • Share your content including images, documents, videos seamlessly
  • Annotate: mark-up changes and share at the flick of a wrist

Bundled Applications for Business

Tosi-connect makes it easy to share digital documents for collaboration. It is bundled with applications for businesses, such as:

  • MEETING - Collaborate, research, and take notes in team meetings.
  • BRAINSTORM - Collaboratively brainstorm ideas about a topic.
  • PRESENTER - Present content thrown from another Tosi-connect screen
  • INTRANET - Browse your company's intranet site, pulling in materials from personal devices for discussion/upload.
  • WHITEBOARD - Use Tosi-connect as a digital whiteboard in team meetings.
  • Many more applications for the Education and Entertainment sectors.

Specialised Applications

Tosi-connect enhances collaboration through fluid sharing and manipulation of documents and data. This leads to increased effectiveness of decision-making and data interpretation by groups.

Tosi-connect has been developed for enabling improved engagement and collaboration in connected meeting rooms and sales environments. We can also provide our expertise to develop fully customised solutions for clients – for example, specialised software applications for particular industries and use cases.

Customised Applications

Examples of use cases for customised applications include:

  • Automotive and marine showrooms
  • Property sales
  • Retail
  • Financial planning
  • Emergency services and disaster response
  • International sales pitch presentation
  • Marketing and media
  • Architecture and construction

Combined Collaboration Solution

Tosi-connect is a collaboration solution that seamlessly connects devices on a network. Typically collaboration between multiple people uses particular network ports to communicate between devices and systems in an unencrypted form – usually only within a single local area network (i.e. one with no external access). One of the main benefits of Tosi-connect is in enabling teams working in different locations to exchange information. This is where Tosi-connect’s unique capability comes in, making this as easy to configure – and as secure – as possible.

Utilising Tosibox enables Tosi-connect to treat remote clients as if they were local. Under the hood, Tosibox connects the networks together, and encrypts all of the data transferred.

This enables powerful use cases in Tosi-connect where teams in remote locations are able to ‘flick’ content to another Tosi-connect system, regardless of its location or physical network setup. For example, a meeting participant may be out in the field with a tablet or touch screen version of Tosi-connect. By using their Tosi-connect enabled Tosibox key, they can connect into a meeting session happening in a central control room. From the tablet or laptop, they can flick a document (such as a picture taken in the field) to the edge of the screen, thus having it displayed in the control room in another city. At a later point, the remote field worker may need to reconnect to the session from a completely different network location. Nothing additional needs to be configured – the user can continue to seamlessly flick content from one Tosi-connect system to another during a collaboration session. All of the information is encrypted through the Tosibox system. This capability extends also to mobile devices. Remote operators are able to send data i.e a photos, video or documents straight from their phone to the Tosi-connect platform for immediate use throughout the network, without having to use unsecure email or cloud services.

Technical Configuration

Tosi-connect’s ‘flick to edge’ functionality is based on assigning regions of a touchscreen to flick to other Tosi-connect systems. This is based on setting an IP address and port for the Tosi-connect system to connect to.

For example, the left edge of the screen may have the following settings in Tosi-connect’s configuration file (for administrator control):



This results in any document/on-screen resource flicked to the left of the screen being sent to another Tosi-connect screen. Multiple settings like the lines above can be specified to further partition the screen edge (e.g. to split a single screen edge to send to 5 devices).

Typically, only local IP addresses are used for this setup, due to complexities in setting routers/firewalls to forward ports when communicating between remote networks. Therefore, a VPN solution must be used.

Tosibox enables the Tosi-connect configuration to behave unchanged. The only difference is that a Tosi-connect enabled Tosibox key is used to enable a remote computer to obtain a local IP address on the same network as the desired Tosi-connect system. Once the Tosi-connect enabled Tosibox key is connected to a lock, Tosi-connect can communicate with remote Tosi-connect devices on the same network as the lock.

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